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Mary Grace as Cameron Porter, Safety Inpector, in FBI Episode, ‘Doomsday’ on CBS


See Mary Grace on the new TV show FBI aired on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Episode ‘Doomsday’ on CBS.The role she plays is Cameron Porter, Safety Inspector, her character is a big part of the story.  Click here for IMDB information.  

( Photo Credit: FBI pilot)


Mary Grace is in a commercial that is airing worldwide on the Bloomberg Channel.


(Photo still from the commercial/Copyright State Street Global Advisors). Mary Grace was in the Fearless Girl Commercial that aired on the Bloomberg Channel, Women's Days, March 8, 2018. The commercial was about the Fearless Girl statue that has ignited a global conversation about the power of women in leadership and has inspired companies around the world to add women to their boards. The statue was located on Wall Street and has recently been moved to the NY Stock Exchange. The commercial was sponsored by State Street Global Advisors. 

Mary Grace speaking to teens in Queens, New York.

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Mary Grace speaking to teens in Queens, New York.

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Colin Cruz interviews Mary Grace on the world-wide radio station THE BLAST FM

PRESS - Orlando Sentinel


Mary Grace was featured in the Orlando Sentinel and mentioned on the front page.

Orlando Sentinel


Mary Grace was featured in the Orlando Sentinel. 

FLORIDA TODAY newspaper.


Mary Grace was featured in the FLORIDA TODAY newspaper. 

Telemundo TV


Mary Grace was interviewed on Telemundo TV

1430KYKN Radio Interview with Mary Grace