Mary Grace Today

Movie Producer, Actor, Inspirational Speaker & Author

To hear Mary Grace speak please click on the video links below or visit her youtube page for more messages. Mary Grace speaks on spiritual topics of faith. Below are video links to Mary Grace's Acting Demo Reels, video from behind the scenes while touring with her movies, and speaking engagements. 


Mary Grace's acting demo reel. 

Mary Grace's Commercial/Comedy & Dance Reel

Mary Grace's 1Minute Sizzle Reel HD

Outside of Premiere Cinemas in Orlando FL for the Theatrical Release of 'FINAL: The Rapture.'

Signing autographs at Premiere Cinema for the movie Final The Rapture

Signing autographs at Cinemaworld for movie Final The Rapture.

Opening weekend at Premiere Cinemas for Final The Rapture. Talking with Amish Woman, Anna. This was the first movie she had ever seen. 

Signing autographs and talking with movie goers at Premiere Cinema for the movie, Final The Rapture.

Videos of Mary Grace Speaking

Speaking to teens in Queens, New York about "Activating Your Gifts!"

Mary Grace's interview on the TV show, "Grace and Hope" Alkaraza TV. Aired LIVE over three satellites around the world including the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Mary Grace speaking at a Youth Retreat in Big Bear, CA

Mary Grace teaching on Daniel 1:8-20 at Fuller Theological Seminary