Mary Grace Today

Movie Producer, Actor, Inspirational Speaker & Author


Mary Grace is available for speaking engagements, film & TV appearances.

Mary Grace is known for her leading role as an Actor in the feature film, "Final: The Rapture," which also starred Carman (Christian Singer), it was released in theaters in 2014 and then went to Video on Demand (VOD). Mary Grace is a Producer on the feature film, "The Father's Love" and is currently writing her first book while traveling as a public speaker and working on a few TV and film projects. Mary Grace has a double masters from Fuller Theological Seminary: Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) and Intercultural Studies with an emphasis is Youth, Family & Culture. Her undergrad degree is in Organizational Behavior with minor in Organizational Communications from Rollins College and she has studied acting since 2002.​ She is available for speaking engagements, film and TV appearances.


Book Updates and Acting News

  • See Mary Grace as Cameron Porter, Safety Inspector, on the new TV show FBI airing on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Episode ‘Doomsday’ on CBS. Her character is a big part of the story.
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  • Mary Grace was in the Fearless Girl Commercial that aired on the Bloomberg Channel, Women's Days, March 8, 2018. The commercial was about the Fearless Girl statue that has ignited a global conversation about the power of women in leadership and has inspired companies around the world to add women to their boards. The statue was located on Wall Street and has recently been moved to the NY Stock Exchange.  To see photos click on the Photos Page.  
  • Mary Grace is writing her first book, updates will be posted here.


Speaking Engagements

  • See Mary Grace speaking to teens in Queens, New York about 'Activating your Gifts:" Click here to see it or visit Video page. 
  • Mary Grace was a Guest on the show, Uniting the Nations it aired on Alkeraza TV with Host LeaAnn Pendergrass. It was broadcast over three satellites around the world including the Middle East, Europe and Africa.  Click here to see it or visit the Video page. 
  • Mary Grace was  a Guest on the TV show "Grace and Hope, " with Host Suraya Yaghnam. It aired live on Alkaraza TV over three satellites around the world including the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Click here to see it or visit the Video page. 

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