Word of Encouragement Series

The Word of Encouragement Series are short messages to uplift, heal and encourage your soul.

Word of Encouragement: He restoreth my soul – Episode 6 | Mary Grace

Do you feel your soul has taken a hit? Do you need healing, restoration and maybe an entire renovation of your soul from what you’ve been through? Similar to a home that needs renovation your soul also needs to be renovated. You can find that healing and restoration today.

Word of Encouragement: The LORD will provide – Episode 5 | Mary Grace

What does the phrase, “The LORD will provide” really mean? Discover how God sees and foresees the greater picture in your life. 

Word of Encouragement: New Beginnings – Episode 4 | Mary Grace

In this season, what is beginning to fall out of your life and what are the new things coming in? Do you want a new beginning, a new start? Learn to recognize what needs to end and how to welcome in the new.

Word of Encouragement: Rebooting Your Dreams – Episode 3 | Mary Grace

Do you feel you missed the boat on your dreams? Do you feel left behind in the dust while others around you are happy, fulfilled, and successful? Learn how to reboot your dreams one step at time and see the fulfillment of them.

Word of Encouragement: Regrets – Episode 2 | Mary Grace

Do you have regrets, missed opportunities, or find yourself in cycles of self sabotage? There is still hope for your dreams. Dreams can still come true. Listen to this encouraging message to reboot your dreams, heal, and start a new beginning.

Word of Encouragement: PRESS NEXT – Episode 1 | Mary Grace

Do you feel stuck? Learn how to be free to PRESS NEXT on your life. If you feel stuck in life, in your relationships, in your emotions, career, etc. There is help to move on to what’s NEXT and turn to a new page in your life.

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